vine st patricks day

St. Patty’s Love for Vine

It takes a little bit more than luck to become famous or popular on Vine. There are a few things to know about the little green app to make sure your Vines are the most successful. For this St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to give you the run down of a few key statistics about the growing app. Continue reading

What To Know About Facebook’s 2014 Redesign

facebook beachAlways changing, Facebook has released new tweaks to the beloved News Feed. The 2014 redesign alterations are rather subtle and don’t change much about how you use the site. The overall reaction seems to be an unimpressive, “Huh, that looks different.” So for marketers and business owners alike, there’s not much you need to account for in your Facebook strategy with this new redesign, but here are some things you should know. Continue reading

social media what we can learn from taco bell

What We Can Learn from Taco Bell

social media what we can learn from taco bellAt some point in social media marketing, you need to stop thinking like a traditional marketer and have a little fun with your work. Instead of constantly trying to sell your product or services, remember that social media offers a new landscape to play around and interact with customers on a different level. One marketing team in particular is bringing the Taco Party Pack to the social media party: Taco Bell. Continue reading

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4 Ways Local Restaurants Can Boost Their Online Presence

There is no denying the power and reach of social media and it is time for restaurants to join the party. While large chains seem to have gotten the memo that a nice website and active online marketing can only increase their sales; smaller, family-owned businesses are still playing “ketchup”. Continue reading

You’ve Got Mail…and a Like, a Mention, and a Reblog

This weekend, I flipped on You’ve Got Mail between the Olympic coverage and was entranced with the simpler times of the Internet. This sweet film starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks who fall in love online, despite being real-life business rivals, showcases the Internet in its infancy. Continue reading

Going for Gold on Social Media

While we’re still a day away from Opening Ceremonies, the Olympics have already begun in Sochi. Athletes are warming up in Russia as we speak, not letting the negative reports from the media get them down. To prepare for tonight’s first events of figure skating and snowboarding, I’ve got the run down on who to be following via social media.
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The Social Bowl

It’s that time of year again as we watch the top companies duking it out for the top spot in the battle for the best Super Bowl commercial. We won’t have to wait long to see which ads are the most talked about as many viewers of Sunday’s Big Game will be online sharing, tweeting, and liking their favorite ads in the Brand Bowl.

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