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The Power of a Like

Since the dawn of social media, users have been able to show their interest in the form of a “like”–or an upvote, a heart, or a favorite. This small form of validation, which essentially has no tangible value, is the lifeblood behind our favorite addiction: social media.

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oscars 2014 selfie academy awards ellen degeneres

Oscars 2014: And The Best Selfie Goes To…

It’s not the dresses or accessories people are going to be talking about today, it’s the social media buzz surrounding the Oscars. Quite a few records were broken as Ellen Degeneres hosted the Academy Awards for her second time. Continue reading

How Tumblr Boosted Flappy Bird Downloads

One day, I was a happy, well-adjusted young lady scrolling through Tumblr as usual. But then I came upon this post. This specific post referenced some game called Flappy Bird. There were multiple reviews about how horrible this game is, how it makes everyone who plays it suicidal, and how it’s just overall evil. Naturally, I was intrigued. Now I am a crazed, addicted Flappy Bird player…just like the rest of you.  Continue reading