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8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Business Card

Last week, I was pulling off some information from about 200 business cards and came across many that were either missing information or overall distasteful. With many popular sites to create business cards on, you don’t need to be a professional designer to make a nice card (but that certainly doesn’t hurt). As most large companies have standard cards, here are 8 tips for creating the perfect networking card for small businesses and for personal promotion. Continue reading

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Do Video Blogs Count As Content?

If my business creates videos for our blog, do they count as content?

video blogs content

This is a question that I’ve been asked numerous times by smaller businesses looking for an easy way stand out among their competitors. It’s a fantastic question and the answer is simple – ABSOLUTELY!

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How To Handle (BAD) Yelp Reviews

Before the internet, word-of-mouth could only travel so far. But now with the influence of review sites like Yelp, a critical customer’s voice can be heard around the world. As a business owner, you have a few options about how to deal with negative (and positive) reviews on Yelp.

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6 things a restaurant shouldn't do on their website
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4 Ways Local Restaurants Can Boost Their Online Presence

There is no denying the power and reach of social media and it is time for restaurants to join the party. While large chains seem to have gotten the memo that a nice website and active online marketing can only increase their sales; smaller, family-owned businesses are still playing “ketchup”. Continue reading