4 Things Instagram Is Missing Features

What Instagram Is Missing

A growing trend among young adult social media users has shown them flocking from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to more visual apps like Instagram and Snapchat. In order to accommodate for so many new users, it’s time that Instagram makes some changes. Continue reading

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The Power of a Like

Since the dawn of social media, users have been able to show their interest in the form of a “like”–or an upvote, a heart, or a favorite. This small form of validation, which essentially has no tangible value, is the lifeblood behind our favorite addiction: social media.

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4 Ways Local Restaurants Can Boost Their Online Presence

There is no denying the power and reach of social media and it is time for restaurants to join the party. While large chains seem to have gotten the memo that a nice website and active online marketing can only increase their sales; smaller, family-owned businesses are still playing “ketchup”. Continue reading

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Red Sox Instagram Has Fans Dreaming of Spring

Instagram can be a powerful tool for practically any company that has something interesting to share and to show. To really reap the benefits of Instagram though, you need to be able to catch the attention of your audience with just a small square. Because they have so many visuals to work with, sports teams really have an edge over other organizations. Continue reading

Going for Gold on Social Media

While we’re still a day away from Opening Ceremonies, the Olympics have already begun in Sochi. Athletes are warming up in Russia as we speak, not letting the negative reports from the media get them down. To prepare for tonight’s first events of figure skating and snowboarding, I’ve got the run down on who to be following via social media.
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