What Instagram Is Missing

A growing trend among young adult social media users has shown them flocking from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to more visual apps like Instagram and Snapchat. In order to accommodate for so many new users, it’s time that Instagram makes some changes. A few months ago they introduced the Direct Message feature which, in my opinion, was a huge flop. Sending pictures directly to friends is what Snapchat is for. Over the past few years, the DM is one of the biggest changes Instagram has implemented. It’s time to look to the future and find new ways to make Instagram a better app for all users. Here are 4 things that Instagram is missing.

4 Things Instagram Is Missing Features

Ability to switch between multiple accounts. As a social media manager, this aspect is one of the most frustrating. I have my own personal Instagram account and I manage my client’s account as well. I’ve accidentally posted personal pictures to my client’s Instagram, and vice versa, forgetting which account I had last signed into. Twitter makes it extremely easy to remain signed into multiple accounts and choose between which one you want to access. Instagram needs to add a way to access multiple accounts, so the user doesn’t have to log out and sign in every time. Another nice feature that Twitter has is that notifications will come through for every account, regardless of which was the last one used. Streamlining a user’s experience will make them more apt to spend more time using your product.

Ability to search by location. The only current way that Instagram allows users to search by location is either through hashtags or by tagged locations. However, these two methods rely on the person specifically mentioning where they are. For a local business trying to target local customers, adding a way to search users/photos by location would be priceless. Twitter allows you to search for locations in their advanced search, or by typing “near:City,State” in the search bar. You can even narrow your search by adding word or phrase of interest as well: “interest near:City,State”. This function would also be great for people looking to explore new areas and discover what’s being posted all around them.

A better desktop version. The current desktop version is extremely limited. You can like and comment on pictures in your feed, follow new people, and change basic information on your profile. However, you cannot add new pictures or search for hashtags or users. This almost makes the desktop version obsolete as you need to have the mobile application to receive the full experience.

A way to edit text after posting. This might be a little controversial, but I think that Facebook has integrated the ability to edit posts quite well. Too many times have I posted a picture with the perfect comment…only to forget to add hashtags. Instead of having to delete the picture and repost it, it would be much easier to simply edit and add it.

Would you use these features if Instagram added them? What other features do you think are missing from Instagram? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @SimplyEricaR.

3 thoughts on “What Instagram Is Missing

  1. I am realizing a lot of these problems now that I have started using Instagram myself. Currently I don’t have any clients on Instagram, so I don’t have to worry about a marketing plan for it yet. These problems, however, are frustrating. Especially since Instagram is gaining a lot of cred as a marketing platform.

    Also, I feel like an idiot, but HOW DO YOU MANAGE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ON TWITTER??

    • Instagram is getting so big now…I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with some changes soon. But until then, I will just frustratingly switch back and forth between personal and my client’s.

      Also, for multiple Twitter accounts it really only works on a mobile device. I have an iPhone and it’s so easy to switch back and forth. You just slide down your picture in the profile and you’ll see all of your accounts. As for the desktop version, I just use Chrome for my personal use and Firefox for my client’s so I don’t have to keep signing in and out all the time.

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