Google Maps Looking for Best Pokemon Master

To ensure they only get the best candidates, Google has unveiled its adventurous challenge to find the most skilled new Googlers. Many of us have been preparing for this role since Gameboys didn’t have color. Google is looking for their next Pokemon Master.

On March 31st, Google released a video showing prospect Masters how to find Pokemon in the real world. Using augmented reality and, of course, Google Maps, you must travel the world to catch ‘em all. If only this was real!

google maps pokemon challenge april fools

Google got us a day early this year, starting off the pranking holiday to try to catch us off guard. Luckily though, they didn’t leave us empty handed.

While it may not be nearly as exciting as the challenge in the video, Google Maps has a worldwide challenge that you can play on your phone. They have hidden 150 Pokemon around the world, and all you need is the latest version of Google Maps to play.

pokemon master google maps april fools paris

To start collecting Pokemon, go to the search bar and you’ll see an option to “Press Start” with a Pokeball next to it. You’ll be taken to the Pokelab in California and see two Pokemon ready to be caught.

pokemon master google maps april fools

To catch a Pokemon, simply click on them and they will automatically be added to your Pokedex. But here’s where the real challenge begins. The Pokemon only appear when you are close enough to them on the map. So you better start scouring the earth as you only have until April 2nd at 2 pm PDT to catch ‘em all!

So, do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Master? Let me know how many you have caught by tomorrow either in the comments below or on Twitter @SimplyEricaR. And make sure to check out Google Map’s Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for hints of where the Pokemon are located!

And for those of you feeling nostalgic, here’s the original intro to Pokemon:

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