The Power of a Like

Since the dawn of social media, users have been able to show their interest in the form of a “like”–or an upvote, a heart, or a favorite. This small form of validation, which essentially has no tangible value, is the lifeblood behind our favorite addiction: social media.

power of a like facebook twitter social mediaFor the past few weeks, I have taken on my first client as a freelancing social media marketer. Before, likes and comments on my personal accounts had no actual value, other than putting a smile on my face. Now, I have to show my client the engagement and statistics from various sites and I am constantly challenging myself to do better than the day before. Receiving likes or favorites are always rewarding, but it’s the users that take their experience a step further and comment or reply to the postings that truly mean the most.

My new found appreciation for ways to show your approval has inspired me to share the love through my personal outlets. I find myself liking posts from businesses, commenting on a picture I’m interested in, or retweeting useful bits of information. I keep in mind the person behind the account and think of how I would want people to interact with me.

After all, isn’t this why anyone is on social media? To interact with their followers and have a positive influence on their experience.

It’s easy to be a passive user, but I have found that when you start conversations with people via social media, the quality of your experience raises exponentially. Whether you are a customer interacting with your favorite business or a professional learning about your industry, there is a place for you online to start these conversations. So the next time you’re scrolling through your news feed, make sure to spread the love.

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