Twitter is Turning 8!

twttr twitter birthday old twitterOn March 21, 2006 Twitter was born. In just 8 years, it has changed the way we interact online and opened up many doors to a new world with #hashtags and @mentions. In honor of the social media giant, here are 10 random facts and quirks about Twitter.

  • Twitter was originally called Twttr. This is what it used to look like.

  • The first tweet sent out was from founder Jack Dorsey from his handle, @jack

  • It took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet. Now it takes less than a week.

  • Currently, there are about a billion registered Twitter users…but only about 65% of them are active!

  • 10 tweets per second mention Starbucks.

  • After being suggested by a user, the hashtag (#) was released in August 2007.

  • 135,000 people sign up for Twitter every day.

  • The official Twitter account for Sweden is run by a different citizen each week.

  • There are about 2,500 people employed by Twitter.

  • There are 241 million monthly active users on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Twitter is Turning 8!

  1. Lots of neat facts! The Sweden one is awesome. I’m going to try to figure out how to incorporate that into my social media marketing, it is too cute. I never knew about the puppucino! I am going to have to try that. Twitter looks hilarious as Twttr.

    • I love the one about Sweden! And it looks like every person is so active with it to. You should look more into it and maybe see how you could apply it to a business. My alma mater does something periodically on Instagram called “A Day in the Life of…” and they show pics from a student’s day. Either way, it’s such an awesome idea to involve your audience.

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