St. Patty’s Love for Vine

It takes a little bit more than luck to become famous or popular on Vine. There are a few things to know about the little green app to make sure your Vines are the most successful. For this St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to give you the run down of a few key statistics about the growing app.

vine st patricks dayAs a social media marketer, it’s easy to ignore the smaller apps that might seem like fads. However, these can actually be that little something to add a nice pop to your Twitter feed. Every second, 5 tweets are sent out that contain a Vine. Since Twitter owns Vine, they make it extremely easy to integrate your clever, 6-second long looping videos into your tweets.

While I think every industry can find a good use for Vine, it helps tremendously to have a highly visual element to your company. The top 5 industries on Vine are: Fashion, Sports, Automotive, Technology, and Print. Especially with the first three industries, it’s fairly obvious what kind of visuals can be provided. Use Vine as an opportunity to show your customers how a product is used, to give them a sneak peak at a new design, or to promote an upcoming show.

Personally, I love the idea that you have such a short window to convey a message. It forces the user to get creative and really boil down the idea they are trying to get across. And, if you look on the bright side, six seconds of video is a much larger time span than one frame of a picture to post on Instagram. (I know that Instagram also allows the capabilities of posting video, but Vine did debut the short video message first.)

After you’ve created your amazing Vine, you need to choose your hashtags carefully. Hashtags are great ways to help new people find you. They should be specific enough that you’re targeting the right audience, but general enough so people can find you. Also, Vine offers a little extra in terms of classifying your videos and will let you add your Vine to a category.

The best time of the day to post is between 10 and 11 a.m. and the best days are Saturday and Sunday. Posting a few morning Vines on the weekend should be a great way to jump-start your Vining efforts. Also, 57% of all Vine users are female and most of all Vine users are between the ages of 18 to 20. Keep in mind these demographics when you are creating your Vines, as this is who a big chunk of your audience is.

As with every social networking site, make sure that you are participating in the conversation as well. It’s important to be a part of your community on each site or app by liking, reposting, and commenting on other’s Vines. Try to keep it relevant to your brand or company as this is a great way to connect with people with similar mindsets. Most importantly, have fun with Vine as it is a simple and unique way to share your brand.

What are your tips for making a good Vine? Have you found success on the app, or do you find it better to share across multiple platforms? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @SimplyEricaR.

3 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Love for Vine

  1. Interesting stats I haven’t got a chance to investigate yet! I think the small demographic is what makes businesses avoid Vine, but they can be some of the first to take advantage of a new platform and get ahead on the competition. Starbucks did it with Instagram.

    • Yeah, it is pretty narrow still. Good point with Starbucks. I think being able to share it on Twitter and Facebook so easily helps a lot. Most people have short attention spans so a 6 second long video is perfect for them. But, if you are in a college town, this could be perfect!

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