What To Know About Facebook’s 2014 Redesign

facebook beachAlways changing, Facebook has released new tweaks to the beloved News Feed. The 2014 redesign alterations are rather subtle and don’t change much about how you use the site. The overall reaction seems to be an unimpressive, “Huh, that looks different.” So for marketers and business owners alike, there’s not much you need to account for in your Facebook strategy with this new redesign, but here are some things you should know.

There were a few key changes that ultimately make the News Feed more photo-friendly and more consistent with the mobile design. While those with an eye for typography will instantly notice that there are new fonts—most of us will only notice that something just isn’t quite right. The News Feed will now be using Helvetica for Mac users and Arial for PCs in an attempt for a more streamlined use as these fonts are already used in other areas of your computer. Another slight change is that profile pictures are now moved back into the story cards to appear less cluttered. Some other subtle changes also include new icons, removed Newsfeeds like “All Friends” and “Groups”, and slightly different story cards.

facebook newsfeed february 2013

facebook news feed newsfeed redesign march 2014(above: Facebook News Feed February 2014 below: March 2014)

News Feed product manager Greg Marra said, “People don’t like us moving their furniture around, because you break muscle memory.” However, many aspects of the News Feed remain the same, much to the hopes of the millions of Facebook users.

The creative specs and image aspects are still as they were and the mobile site wasn’t affected. This redesign was focused at making the mobile and desktop sites a more unified experience. “We recognize that while we strive for design consistency, part of that is recognizing that the way you use things on a PC is different from how you use things on your phone,” Marra said, “but it’s important that we cut these from the same cloth.”

Some users have already switched to the new redesign and everyone will be getting it within the next few weeks.

What do you think about Facebook’s new redesign? Do you think it was needed or do you think the old version was fine the way it was? As a marketer, will the new design change the way you plan your posts? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @SimplyEricaR. Also, please let me know how you feel in the poll below. Results will be published on Friday, March 14.

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