social media what we can learn from taco bell

What We Can Learn from Taco Bell

social media what we can learn from taco bellAt some point in social media marketing, you need to stop thinking like a traditional marketer and have a little fun with your work. Instead of constantly trying to sell your product or services, remember that social media offers a new landscape to play around and interact with customers on a different level. One marketing team in particular is bringing the Taco Party Pack to the social media party: Taco Bell. Continue reading

how to handle bad yelp reviews

How To Handle (BAD) Yelp Reviews

Before the internet, word-of-mouth could only travel so far. But now with the influence of review sites like Yelp, a critical customer’s voice can be heard around the world. As a business owner, you have a few options about how to deal with negative (and positive) reviews on Yelp.

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6 things a restaurant shouldn't do on their website

The Power of Social Media: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Us Again

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, US Olympic Luger Kate Hansen sent a tweet with a short video of a wolf in her hall. That day, most networks had found the video and were reporting on this story of a wolf wondering the dorms in the athlete’s village. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel announced on his show that it was, yet again, another clever hoax. Continue reading

twitter egg

5 Things You Need To Know When You’re Starting Out on Twitter

So you just got a Twitter? Welcome to the party. We’re a crazy bunch of people trying to get out the latest bits of information as quickly as we can in a short amount of space. There are a few things you should do before you start tweeting. Here’s the 5 things you need to know when you’re first starting out on Twitter. Continue reading

instagram catch 122

4 Ways Local Restaurants Can Boost Their Online Presence

There is no denying the power and reach of social media and it is time for restaurants to join the party. While large chains seem to have gotten the memo that a nice website and active online marketing can only increase their sales; smaller, family-owned businesses are still playing “ketchup”. Continue reading

Reddit As a Tool For Breaking News

While most people turn to Twitter for breaking news, there may be another site giving a multi-dimensional approach at news events. Reddit provides users the opportunity to not only post active links to stories, but also allows anyone to make comments and discuss happenings in real time. Continue reading

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red sox world series championship baseball spring training

Red Sox Instagram Has Fans Dreaming of Spring

Instagram can be a powerful tool for practically any company that has something interesting to share and to show. To really reap the benefits of Instagram though, you need to be able to catch the attention of your audience with just a small square. Because they have so many visuals to work with, sports teams really have an edge over other organizations. Continue reading